Magento 2 Free Rest API / Elasticsearch / Graphql Logging extension

A very lightweight logging module that supports

  • Rest Api Logging
  • Elastic Search Logging
  • GraphQl Logging
  • RabbitMq Logging
  • Varnish Cache Tag Bans Logging

No Core files is overridden or modified. These logging are implemented using plugins.

To Install

For Magento Version >= 2.4.4
composer require moses/magento-log
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

For Magento Version < 2.4.4
composer require moses/magento-log 1.1.0
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Supported Logging
  • Rest API Logging
  • ElasticSearch Logging

For Magento version less than 2.4.4 if you need support for GraphQl logging plz try the below (Note its not tested from my end you can give a try)

Warning : This package cannot be installed via Composer 1.x, please make sure you upgrade to Composer 2+.

Alternatively you can download from github as well

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Rest API Logging

This API logging extension provides an options to log all/specific api calls.

In most of our environment we use different third party services such as order management, product management, product search , shipping management etc. These services interact with Magento using Rest APi'S.

At times it would become very difficult to identify the root cause if we face any problem with these services.

Moreover if we are in headless environment primarily using rest apis it would be really hard to identify the root cause for certain issues.

Consider a scenario where add to cart is not working for a particular customer only.

To effectively debug this issue, we would require the post data, headers etc that is posted by that particular user.

This extension would help you in this scenario. It has the feature that we can log the api request that is made by a specific user.

Let see the complete features of this extension.


Enable or Disable Logging through Admin Configuration

Able to configure the api urls that needs to be logged using regular expression which will give endless opportunity to the developer to log a specific url

Few such ex are

  • Able to log all the API logs
  • Able to log logged in users API calls
  • Able to log guest user API calls
  • Able to log only a specific api calls such as custom api call, cart, CMS, Product, Order etc
  • Able to log a specific user api calls.
  • The API logs contain both the request and Response
  • The logs are made in a separate file
  • This extension doesn't override any CORE Api class.

This can be safely deployed in Production environment as its very light weight.


Stores -> Configuration -> Moses Extensions -> API Logging

Enable API Logging : To Enable all/selected api calls

Regular Expression Patterns: Define the regular expression pattern to log selected urls, For more than one urls use next line.


V1/carts/9 : Matches all urls for quote ID 9 that contains V1/carts/9

V1/carts/(\d)* : Matches for all quotes

V1/checkoutcomupapi/getTokenList : Match a specific url


Once the API Logging is enabled, The request and response will be available in the below log file MAGE_ROOT/var/log/moses-logging.log

Elastic Search Logging

At times there might me a case where you need to find out exactly what data is being pushed to elastic search and what is the response that we receive. This extension will help you to do that. It will log all the request and response of ElasticSearch from Magento.


Stores -> Configuration -> Moses Extensions -> Elastic Search Logging


Once the Elasticsearch Logging is enabled, all the communication between magento and elastic search are logged here MAGE_ROOT/var/log/moses-logging.log

How it works

The implementation is not very complicated its quiet simple though.

Magento uses the third party api client "elasticsearch/elasticsearch" to interact with ElasticSearch. This Extension by default has the feature of logging the request and responses.


But while creating the instance of this elasticsearch model, Magento always set the logger to be NULL due to which the the request never get logged. This extension thorugh a pluging sets this looger to a custom logger, Due to which the requests and the response are logged.

GraphQl Logging

GraphQl logging is supported only for magento version greater than or equal to 2.4.4

  • Able to log GET/POST Requests or All Requests
  • Able to log Based on HTTP Header Values
  • Able to log Based on Query types
    • product : To log only the product query type
    • product,categories : To log both product and categories query types

Stores -> Configuration -> Moses Extensions -> Graphql Logging

RabbitMq Logging

To log the RabbitMq Messages that are send from Magento to RabbitMq Server or that are cosumed by Magento from RabbitMq.


Stores -> Configuration -> Moses Extensions -> RabbitMq Logging

  • Able to log Outging Messages (The Messages that are published to RabbitMq Server)
  • Able to log Incomming Messages (The messages that are consumed from RabbitMq Server)

Varnish Cache Tags Logging

To log the varnish purge cache tags, To know more on this please refer here


Stores -> Configuration -> Moses Extensions -> Log Varnish Cache Purging Tags


Once the GraphqlLogging is enabled, The graphql request and response will be available in the below log file MAGE_ROOT/var/log/moses-logging.log

Please note that, This extension is for debugging purpose only, Once enabled this extension will write all/partial request and response to the log file based on your configuration, So plz be advised that keeping this extension on enabled mode for a long time will fill up your disk space. Once the debugging is completed this needs to be disabled

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